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20 September 2009 @ 12:36 pm
{MOD Post} Restamps/Making-Up of Past Themes  
We'll be opening up past themes here at keybladerating for a making-up/restamp period in the later half of every month from now on. Meaning, if you missed a theme that you thought looked interesting or wanted to try applying for a specific theme again...now is your chance! This will be in effect until the end of the month (when we will be getting ready to open up new themes).

Keep in mind though...ALL RULES FOR THE THEMES STILL APPLY. When applying for a particular theme, please be sure to brush up on each one's rules.

1. Some of the themes may have had specific theme subject lines. When applying for a restamp/making up of a theme, we would prefer it if you put the name of the theme you are applying for directly in the Subject Line of your post. Since there have been so many themes, this will help voters focus on what they need to actually be voting on and will be less confusing overall! FOR EXAMPLE: if you are reapplying for the Mirror Theme, your subject line should actually be Mirror Theme.
2. You can apply for as many of the themes as you want this month...we do ask though that you wait until an application you've posted is stamped BEFORE APPLYING FOR ANOTHER THEME. We try to stamp pretty regularly here, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long before getting a chance to apply for a different theme.
3. If you see 7 theme applications posted on the same day as you're about to post, wait a day to apply!

...And that's about it! Now onto the actual themes:

Theme 1: Kingdom Hearts Matchmaking Theme
Theme 2: Trinity Theme
Theme 3: Mirror Theme
Theme 4: World Theme
Theme 5: Keyblade Theme
Theme 6: Love Child (Personality) Theme
Theme 7: General KH Antagonist Theme
Theme 8: Love Child (Mirror) Theme
Theme 9: Best Friend Theme
Theme 10: Character Stereotype Theme
Theme 11: Original KH Character Theme
Theme 12: World Mirror Theme
Theme 13: Sibling Theme
Theme 14: Final Fantasy Character Theme
Theme 15: Princesses of Heart Theme
Theme 16: Group Theme
Theme 17: Song Theme
Theme 18: 358/2 Days Mission Mode Partner Theme
Theme 19: KH Voice Theme
Theme 20: Disney-Only Character Theme
Theme 21: Game Theme
Theme 22: Heartless & Nobody Theme
Theme 23: Animal/Mascot Partner Theme
Theme 24: Mirror Matchmaking Theme
Theme 25: Mirror Trinity Theme
Theme 26: Main Character Theme
Special Theme: Birth by Sleep Theme
Theme 27: Outfit Theme
Special Theme: Re:coded Data Ally Theme

~Thank you to everyone who has maintained activity here at keybladerating! ♥

There are currently some applications HERE that could use more votes before getting stamped. ...Please vote on them before applying for a theme.
Alisamessageinbottle on September 20th, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
my voting is getting real sloppy everywhere ;___; but I'm trying to improve, haha. and yayyyy restamp woowoo!