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23 November 2011 @ 03:07 am
Regular Application!!!  
Name and age: Ems, 18
Do you want to be voted as a (Pick one: boy/girl/doesn't matter): IDGAF~!
POST THE LINKS TO FIVE APPLICATIONS YOU HAVE VOTED ON (if there are none available, or only a few, you can put N/A for the remaining spaces):
1. http://keybladerating.livejournal.com/1059512.html?view=9853368#t9853368
2. http://keybladerating.livejournal.com/1058772.html?view=9853652#t9853652
3. http://keybladerating.livejournal.com/1058064.html?view=9853712#t9853712
4. http://keybladerating.livejournal.com/1057610.html?view=9854026#t9854026
5. http://keybladerating.livejournal.com/1057506.html?view=9854434#t9854434

Favorite KH character and why:
I have to pick only one? Well, I guess that's reasonable. Who would want to sit here and sift through large walls of texts about several Kingdom Hearts characters? I'm sure that would be no one. Anyway, let's keep this simple! My favorite character would be the lovely Aqua. She is just so admirable. She makes my knees grow weak. I have so much respect for her. I love that she can be kind-hearted without being a doormat. She's strong, she's sweet. I find it honorable that she stays loyal and supportive of her friends through all the tribulations, while still remembering her own values and responsibilities. I also find it adorable how she is kind of a tomboy compared to the rest of the female cast. Yet there are some moments where she becomes flustered and dreamy just like any other girl. It's rare that she shows a side of her that isn't mature and mild-mannered, so when she does, it's just interesting.

Favorite Disney movie and why:
Crap, and I'm listening to Disney music at the moment. This is going to be tough to decide, too. My favorite Disney movie, of all time, would have to be the Toy Story saga. All three movies made me excited and emotional. The story was enticing and entertaining, the characters were lovable and easy to relate to. I mean, aside from the fact that they were toys. Well, I also loved Toy Story because I could relive my childhood when I watch it. I remember having the same toys as Andy. Um, I also adore Tangled (because I'm definitely adventurous, yet isolated like Rapunzel). The Lion King had a powerful impact on me, too. Wonderfully done.

Strengths: Passionate, honest, fair, creative, intellectual, cooperative.
Weaknesses: Thin-skinned, emotional, high-strung, volatile, superficial, introverted.
Hobbies, interests: I have a keen interest in reading smut . . .b-books! I also enjoy traveling, collecting cute things, postcards. I like communicating with intriguing people about anything, everything. I like cats, girls, art. If the muses are smiling down upon me, I'll even write fiction. I like a friendly debate every now and then, too. OH AND VIDEO GAMES. Pffft, how could I forget that? Though that's probably obvious already.

Something unique about you: Nothing, really. I'm not a special snowflake, unless my fascination with crazies and masochistic tango is anything to write home about.

Your ideal home?: A secret dwelling in the woods, a house embedded in stone. You'd have to know where it is already to be able to locate it. It would be cozy and precious and filled with comfy furniture and food and a fireplace. Yes.

What type of people are your friends?: They are easy-going and way more cooler than I am, but once they start talking about their obsessions, I am the straight man. They are nice, but kind of intimidating at times. They are loyal to a fault, though. They will always have my back. They aren't the most social, but they are wonderful.

Sword, staff or the shield?: The sword! I want to be strong and victorious.
What's most important to you: Having a peace of mind and freedom.
Worst fears: Losing the love of my life, rejection, losing stability.
What you want out of life: Simply happiness and a purpose.
You share your paopu fruit with (be creative!): I would share it with...my bed. Yes. That way, I would never have to leave it...? Um, was that creative enough?

Appearance (photos are optional):
How do you think you would look if you were a KH character?:


Who suggested that you come here?: No one. :'D
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: I'm not about to give upbreyzyyin on December 27th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
I kept going back-and-forth for different characters for you, but I think I'm leaning the most towards Riku in the end: he's definitely passionate, honest (at least as the series progresses!), fair in later games, creative, intellectual, and cooperative. I think your weaknesses (Thin-skinned, emotional, high-strung, volatile, superficial, introverted) fit for Riku's character in the first game really well...and he seems to like friendly debates and traveling. I think Riku would appreciate your ideal home, and the type of people who are your friends sort made me think of how Riku interacts with characters like Sora and King Mickey. Riku would pick the sword for the same reason ("I want to be strong and victorious") and I think now in the series he really just wants peace of mind and freedom too...as well as a purpose and happiness. :)
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