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22 September 2011 @ 02:42 am
Regular Application  

Name and age: michelle, 18
Do you want to be voted as a (Pick one: boy/girl/doesn't matter): it doesn't matter to me
POST THE LINKS TO FIVE APPLICATIONS YOU HAVE VOTED ON (if there are none available, or only a few, you can put N/A for the remaining spaces):
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5. five

Favorite KH character and why: I adore Axel's sarcasm and overal development of his character throughout the games. I love how although he is not a totally major character, he holds his own and is a distinguishable character from the rest of the chracters outside of the keyblade masters/villians. His internal struggle of finding who he really is, the conflict between his actions for the organization/his own agenda/his friends, and the his heroic ending really called out to me and was a more interesting story (in my opinion) as compared to the other storylines going on around Axel's.
Favorite Disney movie and why: Pocahontas hands down. Being a biracial child, the story of two different cultures meeting together under love was a beautiful thing. The film also reflected my parents' and the struggles that they went through for their relationship.

Strengths: I'm quite good at memorizing things, keeping things in a realistic perspective, analyzing literature, I have strict work ethics that I hold myself accountable to, and I'm not sure if I can call it a strength but I'm pretty independent and can take care of myself.
Weaknesses: I'm stubborn, a bit judgemental I suppose... I hold myself up to a standard and sometimes i reflect that standard upon other people and demand more than what I should, I take other people's words to heart too often, and I guess I'm easily moved and cry at the end of most movies.
Hobbies, interests: Cooking/baking, cleaning, painting, exploring new places, sleeping, going to Disneyland.
Something unique about you: I have never missed a single day of school in my life.
Your ideal home?: A fairly large two story home that is tucked away in it's own little patch of green with many wildflowers and tall grass all around. I guess to cut it short, it would be like my own little haven that is surrounded in beautiful nature but is still moderately close to the city.
What type of people are your friends?: Out of my many acquaintances, I have a small group of friends that I hold close to my heart. they're hilarious, a bit harsh and brutally honest, we all are pretty artistic people. although my friends sound a bit difficult, when we're together we really work as a great dynamic. There is never a moment of silence, we are always either debating/talking or laughing (mostly laughing). I can't really describe fully how great and close knit we all are... 

Sword, staff or the shield?: Staff
What's most important to you: Faith 
Worst fears: Loss, failure, being forgotten
What you want out of life: Happiness
You share your paopu fruit with (be creative!): My absolute best friend whom I have been friends with for over 11 years (although I doubt we would need a paopu fruit to have our destinies intertwined)

Appearance (photos are optional): **i'm a brunette, bleached my hair blonde for a year and just recently dyed it back.

How do you think you would look if you were a KH character?: No idea...

Who suggested that you come here?: No one

Breyzy and Yin Girl: Yin: let's stay friends!breyzyyin on September 22nd, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
I kept going back and forth between four characters for you actually: Yen Sid, Zexion, Olette, and Aqua. In a way, I think I might be leaning slightly more towards Aqua overall. Your strengths (particularly being able to keep things in a realistic perspective and having strong work ethics, as well as being pretty independent and able to take care of yourself) fit rather well with Aqua's personality and role in Birth by Sleep. She can be stubborn at times and can take people's words to heart, especially if they come from someone she cares about or respects. She has an adventurous aspect to her personality, so I could easily see her exploring new places as an interest too! And she is quite diligent with her training as well, which is similar to your studious nature in a way given the "school" her and her friends went to.

For some reason, I could picture Aqua relating to your ideal home as well...and how you described your friends also reminds me a bit of her interactions with Terra and Ven, as well as the friends she makes in the other worlds later on. Given her "magic fencer" style of attacking, I think your choice of the staff fits pretty well for Aqua too...and she places a lot of importance on faith (especially the faith she has in her friends). Your worst fears, what you want most of out of life, and who you would share your Paopu Fruit with (your absolute best friend of over 11 years) really reminds me of Aqua's story in Birth by Sleep as well somehow! :D
dorynnn: VS (candice) » kissesdorynnn on September 29th, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
Actually, you remind me of Aerith. Her name just popped into my head when I read your strengths, hobbies/interests, weapon of choice, and what's the most important to you.
godramaclub: Everything makes sensegodramaclub on October 7th, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
Not as well-versed in the newer KH characters, but...
I got Olette when I read your application. I read someone who's very quiet, hardworking and dependable but also fun. You have an eclectic group of friends that nonetheless get along great. You enjoy peace and tranquility, but also like being near the action.
.Jun❧: нappy eмo ĸιd!fetishfuels on November 23rd, 2011 07:56 am (UTC)
I say Zexion! Your interests and your attitude is what makes me think of him. He's quiet, got a great work ethic, and definitely one of the most dependable despite his age. I could just hear him in your writing, really. He reminds me of you a lot.