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05 April 2011 @ 05:28 pm
{MOD Post} Voting Reminders and Upcoming Theme Talk  
There are 2 Regular Applications and 3 Theme Applications that could use some more votes before getting stamped, so PLEASE VOTE ON THEM when you get the chance!

They can be found HERE.

ALSO: ...There are quite a few applications in the queue at the moment, but we're only releasing the same amount of applications from it that we actually stamp in a given day. So, want your application out of the queue quickly? Be sure to vote then! XD We're also holding off on starting the next theme here until we can get the queue empty...there are too many unstamped applications ATM for us to feel comfortable starting a theme.

THEME RESTAMPS ARE NOW CLOSED AS WELL!!! ...We *are* planning on starting the new theme once we get all of the applications out of the queue, so it doesn't make much sense for us to leave restamps open anymore. Please be sure to vote when you can so we can get the queue emptied quickly. XD

~Thank you! ♥